Auto Like Facebook photo- Share how to get likes on facebook photos

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Auto Like Facebook photo – Disclose how to get likes on facebook photos simply and freely


Nowadays, young people want to get Likes on their photos on fanpage to make impression to others or photo contests. More Likes you have, more worthy awards you will get. In this article, i wanna share to you the way how to get more likes on facebook photos and auto Like Facebook photo very quickly. Let’s begin:


1. Principle of Auto Likes:

- You join the community to get points, use these points for commutiny auto likes you.

2. Perform:Step 1: Visit website :


Step 2: Sign Up by a valid email (free and get 50 free points)

Step 3: You Like other members in community to get points

- You choose “Facebook Post Likes” item:


- You will get 2-9 points for each time liking depend on the setting of facebook photo you’ve just liked.

- Click Like Button, a new facebook fanpage window appears, just click Like then munually close the facebook window:


- The points then are auto added to your balance:


- This points will be used to pay for the ones who like your fanpage later.

- You can get points from other items : Facebook Likes, Facebook Followers, Twitter Followers,…


Step 4: Community Likes your photo:

- You add your FB Photo URL into item “Add site/page”:


- Enter your Photo address (URL):


Choose Type=Facebook Photo Post Like:


- You set number of points for each time community likes your photo (from 2 to 10 points). The higher point is, the faster your photo’s Like increases.

- Click “Add Site/Page” and refresh your photo page to enjoy the increasement of Likes on your photo!


Note: for Facebook profile, before adding your photo/post, you should activate “Follow” on your profile to make your photo/post pubic to all people!


Have funs and enjoy with !


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